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The AgileHOC is intended for Class Components, as we recommend using React Hooks in Functional Components.

The AgileHOC is a Higher Order Component that binds/subscribes AgileTs States to a Class React Component for reactivity. This binding ensures that the Component re-renders whenever a bound State changes. We can flexibly bind any Agile Sub Instances (like States or Collections) to any React Component. The AgileHOC is wrapped around the React Component, to which the specified States are to be bound.

export default AgileHOC(RandomComponent, [MY_COOL_STATE]);

The current output or if the Instance has no output the current value of each provided State Instance is mapped into the props object of the corresponding Class Component. Each State should have a unique identifier key to be correctly represented in the props object.

MY_STATE.key; // should not return 'null'

To ensure that each State can be uniquely identified, we recommend providing the States to the AgileHOC in a keymap instead of an array.

export default AgileHOC(RandomComponent, {
myState: MY_STATE

👀 Subscribable Instances

Not only AgileTs States can be bound to React Components via the AgileHOC, but also all other Agile Sub Instances that contain an Observer.

export default AgileHOC(RandomComponent, [MY_COOL_STATE, MY_GROUP]);

Instances that contain an Observer are, for example:

🔴 Example

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🟦 Typescript

The AgileHOC isn't completely typesafe yet. That is because we haven't figured out how to assign a type to Agile Sub Instances that are merged in the props object of the Class Component. Thus, we recommend using the direct State value instead of accessing the State values in the props object.

class RandomComponent extends React.Component {
render() {
// return <h1>Hi {this.props.myCoolState}</h1>; // Not Typesafe
return <h1>Hi {MY_COOL_STATE.value}</h1>; // Typesafe

// Wrapping AgileHOC around the React Component and binding MY_COOL_STATE to it
export default AgileHOC(RandomComponent, [MY_COOL_STATE]);

📭 Props

reactComponentComponentClassReact Component to which the specified deps should be bound.Yes
depsDepsTypeAgile Sub Instances to be bound to the Class Component.Yes
agileInstanceAgileInstance of Agile the React Component belongs to.No


type DepsType =
| Array<SubscribableAgileInstancesType>
| { [key: string]: SubscribableAgileInstancesType }
| SubscribableAgileInstancesType;


type SubscribableAgileInstancesType = State | Collection | Observer | undefined;

📄 Return


Returns a modified version of the provided React Component.